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We’ve changed the game, to make it even easier for Australians to enjoy solar- so stop throwing away your money and join the 1.5 million Australians who have made this wise decision.

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When you invest in Off the Grid Energy System, you not only help save the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, but you control your own energy costs, by reducing or eliminating your own electricity bills.

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We’re confident in our system prices, if you find a cheaper quote for the same system, we’ll match it and beat it by 5%.

Best Selling Systems

GY Panel & JFY Inverter System

INFINITY Panels & SUNGROW Inverter System

INFINITY Panels & ABB Inverter System

INFINITY Panels & SMA Inverter 6KW System

INFINITY Panels & FRONIUS Inverter System

TRINA Panels & SMA Inverter System

JINKO Panels & SUNGROW Inverter System

JINKO Panels & FRONIUS Inverter System

QCELLS Panels & ABB Inverter System

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Solar System Mounting Overview

Need a really good solar power system for your home?

A solar system works to tackle those high energy bills, by replacing the need to use energy from your power company during the day. This allows you to utilise clean energy created from your easy to maintain solar power system. 

By installing a solar system on your rooftop, the solar panels can make the most of our beautiful sun to produce solar power for your home. These are the true benefits of solar.